Our Daylilies

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Abaline Crab Claws
(Madox 2006) Double Fan

Abaline Crab Claws Daylily (Madox 2006) Daylily (Spacecoast Fancy Dancer × Abilene Nan) Gold with red eye and edge above green throat. The Sepals are longer...

Abilene Pearl
(Madox, 2009) Single Fan

Abilene Pearl Daylily (Madox, 2009) Daylily height 26", bloom 5.5", season EM, Rebloom, Evergreen, Tetraploid, 14 buds, 3 branches, White with red...

(D. Trimmer 2008) Double Fan

ACROSS THE GALAXY Daylilies (D. Trimmer 2008) Tetraploid Daylily. (Isle Of Man x Across The Universe) 32” M. Re. Ev. 6 1/4” ACROSS THE GALAXY is my much...

Admiral's Braid
(Stamile 1990) Double Fan

Daylily Admiral's Braid Daylily (Stamile 1990) Double Fan [WEDDING BAND X (PINK SCINTILLATION x sdlg)] Description: White with pale gold center and edge....

(Lambertson 2007) Double Fan

AERIAL APPLIQUE Daylily  (Lambertson 2007) TeT Daylily. 6.5" Sev E Re 32" (Stellar Star Seedling X Seedling) AERIAL APPLIQUE is a large bloom that...

(Stamile,P. 2004) Double Fan

AERIAL DISPLAY Daylilies (Stamile,P. 2004) TET Daylily 251-N [(Moonlit Masquerade x Tetra Rainbow Spangles) X Tetra Marked By Lydia] 43” EERe. Ev. fr. emo. 9...

(Again 2008) Single Fan

ALAN LANE AGIN Daylily (Again 2008) Tet Daylily. (Startle x Fortunes Dearest), 6.5 x 29, 4 way branching, 31 buds, rebloom, Rose Red with lighter washed eye...

(Baxter-J., 2004) Single Fan

Aliquippa Daylily (Baxter-J., 2004) TET Daylily height 28", bloom 5", season M, Dormant, Tetraploid, 17 buds, 3 branches, Washed rose pink blend...

All About Eve
(David Kirchhoff 2000) Double Fan

Daylily All About Eve Daylily David Kirchhoff 2000 (sdlg X TETRA SILOAM DOUBLE CLASSIC) Description: Daylily All About Eve an exquisite peach pink double,...

All About Tomorrow
(Phelps, 2006) Double Fan

All About Tomorrow Daylilies (Phelps, 2006) Daylily height 25", bloom 5.75", season M, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, 24 buds, 3 branches,...

All Dolled Up
(Kirchhoff 2007) Double Fan

All Dolled Up Daylily (Kirchhoff 2007)  Tetraploid Daylily. 28” M Re Ex Ev 5 ½”. This is very close to primary red with wide, ruffled, yellow gold edges. An...

(Stamile,P. 2008) Double Fan

ALPINE RUFFLES Daylily  (Stamile,P.2008)  TET Daylilies 319-D [(Victorian Lace x Michael Miller) X Spectral Elegance] 26” EMRe. emo. SEv. 5.5” x 3.5” x 2.5”....

(Stamile, P. 2002) Double Fan

ALTER EGO Daylily (Stamile, P. 2002) TET Daylily. 965-D [{[( Raspberry Candy x Admiral’s Braid) x (Pirates Patch x Tetra Green Widow)] X (Star Of India x...

(Stamile,P 2005) Double Fan

ALTERNATE UNIVERSE Daylily (Stamile,P 2005) TET Daylily 1186-C (Double Image X {[(Victoria’s Secret x Lightning Strike) x (Anasazi x Tetra Virginia Franklin...

Amazing Sights
(Petit 2009) Single Fan

Amazing Sights Daylily (Petit 2009) TET Daylily. (Dreams of Heroes x J. T. Davis) x (Bill Robinson) Sev. 6" fl. 28" sc. M 20 buds. As much as I...

Amber Rhum
(Petit 2008) Double Fan

Amber Rhum Daylily (Petit 2008) Tetraploid Daylily. 'Amber Rhum' -- (Catcher in the Eye x Meet Joe Black) x (Rippled Oasis) Sev. 5.5" fl. 34" sc. M...

(Smith 2004) Double Fan

AMERICAN FREEDOM Daylily (Smith 2004) Tetraploid Daylillies, (Tet. Ultimate Perfection X J.T. Davis), Semi evergreen. ERe. fr. emo. Its amazing the influence...

(Lambertson 2007) Double Fan

AMETHYST OUTLINED Daylily (Lambertson 2007) TET Daylily. 7.5" Sev E Re 34" (Bi-Colored Bite X Blue Haired Girl) Wow, what a gorgeous UF! A large...

Amethyst Veil
(Morss 2007) Double Fan

Amethyst Veil Daylilies (Morss 2007) Daylily TET 30”EM Re Ex Ev 5 ¾”. A prolific bloomer in lavender Orchid with deep, amethyst colored stippling and matching...

(Ludlow Lambertson 2009) Single Fan

ANGEL FAIRY TERN Daylily (Ludlow Lambertson 2009) TET Daylilies 6.5" Sev E Re 28" (Art Gallery Iridescence X Seedling) ANGEL FAIRY TERN is a clear...

(Stamile,P 2002) Double Fan

ANGELIC SONG Daylily (Stamile,P 2002) TET Daylily. 734-A [(047 x Seminole Wind) x Tetra Virginia Franklin Miller] 26” MRe. fr. emo. ext. ev. 95% double. 10%...

( GRACE L. 2009 ) Single Fan

ANGELS GATHER AROUND Daylily ( GRACE L. 2009 ) TET Daylilies 6-4 (Mandalay Bay Music x J.T. Davis) 30" M Re Ev fr 51/2" 40 buds 3 laterals ANGELS...

(Frank Smith Fall2008) Single Fan

ANN KRULL Daylily (Frank Smith Fall2008) TET Daylily. (Spanish Wedding Gown x Grandma’s Smile) · Semi evergreen · 6.5" flower · 4-way branching · 32...

Apopka Pink Pearl
(Harry, 2009) Single Fan

Apopka Pink Pearl Daylily (Harry, 2009) TET Daylily. (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis XSDLG) Sev. 6 1/2” flowers, 30” scapes, 4-5 way branching with 25 buds....

Apricot Cream Truffle
(Kirchhoff 2007) Double Fan

Apricot Cream Truffle Daylily  (Kirchhoff 2007) Double Daylilies 32” E Re Ex VFr Ev 6”. This creamy, pastel apricot has shiny black anthers, a strong yellow...

(Petit 2007) Double Fan

*APRIL LaQUINTA Daylily (Petit 2007) Pink Daylily (Glacier Bay x Tet. Siloam Ralph Henry) (Belle Cook) Sev. 7 - 8” fl. 30” sc. M 30 buds. Before describing...

(Stamile 2005) Double Fan

ARAGON Daylily (Stamile 2005) TET Daylilies. 2279-B (Red Eyed Shocker X Calling All Angels) 32” ERe. fr. emo. Ev. 4 7/8” x 2 ¾” x 1 ¾”. 4-way branching. 25...

Arctic Lace
(Stamile,P. 2005) Double Fan

*ARCTIC LACE Daylily (Stamile,P.2005) TET Daylily. 0499-A [(Lake Effect x Be Thine) X Chartered Course] 26” EMRe. Ev. emo. fr. dd. 5½” x 3¾” x 2½”. 6 - way...

(Lambertson 2005) Double Fan

ART GALLERY EXPRESSIONISM Daylilies (Lambertson 2005) Tet Daylily. 5.5” Sev M Re 28”(Flying Saucer Blues Sdlg x [Gail Fleming x Roses in Snow Sdlg]) ART...

(Lambertson 2005) Double Fan

ART GALLERY SURREALISM Daylily (Ludlow Lambertson 2005) Tetraploid Daylily. 5” Sev M Re 22” (Mildred Mitchell x [Blue Eyed Guy x Blue Eyes Glance Sdlg]) ART...

(Ludlow Lambertson 2009) Single Fan

ART IN HEAVEN Daylily (Ludlow Lambertson 2009) TET Daylily. 6.5"SevERe31" (Bird Talk X Rachel Lambertson) ART IN HEAVEN is a very artistic early...

Ashtons Giggles
(H. Phelps 2006) Single Fan

Ashtons Giggles Daylily (H. Phelps 2006) Tetraploid Daylily. 26" 6.5" 2 laterals plus top branching, 20 plus buds sev reblooms [ ( Destine To See x...

(Frank Smith 2008) Double Fan

ATOMIC GLOW Daylily (Frank Smith 2008) TET Daylily. (Moment in the Sun x (Granny Smith x Linda’s Magic)) Semi-evergreen, 6.5” flower, 5-way branching, 35...

(F Smith 2006) Double Fan

AUNT ETHEL Daylily (F Smith 2006) TET Daylilly. (Mandalay Bay x Seedling), semi evergreen. 6" flower, 4-way branching. 32 buds on a 30" scape. Aunt...

(Smith 2006) Doiuble Fan

AUNT JOANNE Daylily (Smith 2006) TET Daylily. (TET Siloam Ralph Henry x Michael Miller), semi evergreen. 6-1/2" flower, 5-way branching. 32 buds on a...

Autumn Orange Truffle
(Kirchhoff 2007) Double Fan

Autumn Orange Truffle Daylily  (Kirchhoff 2007) TET Daylilies.  29” EM Re Ex Ev 5”. This sinful, ultimate orange is a strong peach and coral-orange day...

Autumn Wood
(H. Daugherty 1991) Double Fan

Daylily Autumn Wood (H. Daugherty 1991) Description: Autumn Wood Daylilies introduced by H. Daugherty in 1991. Blooms Mid season. Extended Blooms. A...

Ava Gardner
(F Smith, 2006) Double Fan

Ava Gardner Daylily (F Smith, 2006) Daylily TET. Scape height 34 inches bloom size 6 inches bloom season Midseason, Rebloom ploidy Tetraploid foliage type...

(Lambertson 2008) Double Fan

AWESOME APPLIQUE (Lambertson 2008) TET Daylily. 8.50"SevERe36" ([Blueberry Cream Swirls x Orchid Octopus kid] X Aerial Applique) AWESOME...

(Stamile,P 2006) Double Fan

AWESOME LUCK Daylily (Stamile,P 2006) TET Daylily. 1163-A {[Clovette Adams x Sudden Fire x Tetra Frances Joiner)] X [(Mister Lucky x Awesome Candy) x (Panda...

(Stamile, P 2006) Double Fan

AZURE WINGS Daylily (Stamile, P 2006) TET Daylilly. 336-H (Bali Watercolor X Linguini) 41” EMRe. emo. Ev. 11 ½” x 1 ½” x 7/8”. (12 ¼” wingspan). 6-way...

Baby Fresh
(Joiner 1991) Double Fan

Baby Fresh Daylily (Joiner 1991) Description: Daylily Baby Fresh Joiner 1991. Peach blooms with ruffled edge. Petals and petaloids the same. Nocturnal...

(Stamile, P. 2003) Double Fan

BALI WATERCOLOR Daylily (Stamile, P. 2003) TET Daylily 0144-G (Lavender Arrowhead X Royal Celebration) 35” MRe. fr. emo. ev. 9” x 1 3/8” x 7/8”. 12” wing...

Barbara Morello
(Harry, 2009) Single Fan

Barbara Morello Daylily (Harry, 2009) TET Daylilies (Antique Novequ X Frank’s Star of Bethlehem) Sev. 7” flowers, 29” scapes, 3 way branching with 30 buds....

Barbara Watts
(Kirchhoff 2009) Single Fan

Barbara Watts Daylily (Kirchhoff 2009) Daylily Tetraploid. 26” - 30” E Re Ex Fr Ev 6” – 6 ½”. We used to refer to this unique new Double Daylily as “David’s...

(Petit 2006) Double Fan

BARBIE IN PINK Daylily (Petit 2006) Tet. Daylily (Ed Brown x Tet. Dena Marie) (Kissed From Afar) Sev. 8” fl. 28” sc. M 15-20 buds. I have always loved and...

(F Smith 2009) Single Fan

BARBIE’S FAVORITE Daylily  (F Smith 2009) (TET) Daylily - (TET Siloam Ralph Henry x Prissy Girl) * Semi-evergreen * 6" flower * 5-way branching * 34...

(Stamile,P. 2008) Double Fan

BARCODE Daylily (Stamile,P. 2008) TET Daylily 5186-D (Tholian Web x Bit Of Blue) 33” Ere. emo. Ev. 5” x 2 .5” x 1.5”. 3-way branching. 18-23 buds. Of all the day...

Barry Goldwater
(Kirchhoff 2008) Single Fan

Barry Goldwater Daylily (Kirchhoff 2008) Tet. Daylily. 34” M Re Ex Ev 6”. The family of former Senator Barry M. Goldwater selected this stalwart beauty to...

(Stamile,P. Fall 2008) Single Fan

BART ROBERTS Daylily (Stamile,P. Fall 2008) TET Daylily 5238-C (Aragon X Tetra Peppermint Delight) 27” EERe. Emo. Ev. 6 ½” x 3 3/8” x 2”. 4-way branching (2...

Bass Gibson
(Rice 2006) Single Fan

Bass Gibson (Rice 2006) Daylily (FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN X Seedling) This exceptional flower combines eye-catching colors of bright yellow and orange...

(Lambertson 2007) Single Fan

BED OF NAILS Daylily (Lambertson 2007) TET Daylily 6.5" Sev M Re 30" (Way Cool Seedling X Flying Saucer Blues) BED OF NAILS is a wild, oddly...

(GRACE, L. 2009 ) Single Fan

BEFORE MY EYES Daylily (GRACE, L. 2009 ) TET Daylily 779-6 ( Jackie Blues, Tet. Purple Eyed Fantasy) x (Sunday Sandals x Petit Sdl.) 25" EM Re Ev fr...

Believe in Miracles
(Ted L. Petit, 2006) Double Fan

Believe in Miracles Daylily (Ted L. Petit, 2006). Tetraploid Daylily. Semi-evergreen. Scape 28 in. (71 cm); flower 6 in. (15 cm). Mid- season. A clear pink,...

Bella Isabella
(Petit, 2008) Doulbe Fan

Bella Isabella Daylily (Petit, 2008) Tet. Daylily [(Spacecoast Sea Shells x Gary Colby) x (Rippled Oasis x Casper’s Shadow) Sev. 5.5" fl. 28" sc. M...

(BROOKER, M., SR.) Double Fan

BELLE COOK Daylilies (BROOKER, M., SR.) Daylily (ED BROWN X SEMINOLE WIND), TET ,sem.EM This blue-pink daylily was named after Malcolm's maternal grandmother....

(Petit 2007) Double Fan

BELLS AND WHISTLES Daylily (Petit 2007) Tet. Daylily (Glacier Bay x Tet. Siloam Ralph Henry) (Ed Brown) Sev. 6 - 6.5” fl. 26” sc. EM 25 buds. Could it be...

(Kaskel Seedling) Single Fan

Best Edge Daylily (Kaskel Seedling) Evergreen. Tet. Unregistered and nicknamed Best Edge by far the best breeding daylily there is. I would recommended it to...

Between Women
(Kirchhoff 2007) Double Fan

Between Women Daylily (Kirchhoff 2007) Tet. Daylily 28” M Re Ex Ev 5”. An exquisite, pure red bitone with a lighter watermark halo, and yellow to green...

Bewitching Eyes
(Petit 2008) Double Fan

Bewitching Eyes (Petit 2008) Tetraploid Daylily. (Violet Reflections) x (Mardi Gras Ball x Tet. Lavender Blue Baby) Sev. 5.5" fl. 28" sc. M...

(Lambertson 2002)

BI-COLORED BITE Daylily (Lambertson 2002) TET Daylily (CROCODILE SMILE x STIPPLED STARS) Tet 5" Sev EM Re 32" BI-COLORED BITE is a dazzling flower,...

(Stamile,P. 2009) Single Fan

BIG EYED BUTTERFLY Daylily (Stamile,P. 2009) TET Daylily 5196-B (Which Way X Bit of Blue) 28” EMRe. emo. Ev. 4.25” x 2.25” x 1.25”. 5-way branching (3...

Big Kiss
(E. R. Joiner 1991) Double Fan

Big Kiss (E. R. Joiner 1991) Daylily (DUBLIN ELAINE X FRANCES JOINER) Description: Light peach double with a light rose eye. Fragrant 5½ inch blooms...

(Smith 2005) Double Fan

BIG MAC ATTACK Daylily (Smith 2005) Tet. Daylily (Seedling x Mark Allen Carpenter), semi evergreen. 7” flower, 4-way branching. 24 buds on a 26” scape. This...

(Stamile,P. 2007) Double Fan

BIG NAVY Daylily (Stamile,P. 2007)  TET Daylily 3264 {(Huckleberry Candy x Lake Effect) x [(Druids Chant x Magnificent Rainbow) x Tetra Blue Moon Rising]} X...

Bill Chapman
(Kirchhoff 2007) Double Fan

Bill Chapman Daylily (Kirchhoff 2007) Daylily Tetraploid. 30” M Re Ex Sev 6”. My maternal grandmother was a Chapman, and this is named for my mother’s...

(Lambertson 2005) Single Fan

BIRD TALK Daylily (Lambertson 2005) Tetraploid Daylily. 6.5” Sev EM Re 24” ([Blue Eyes Glance Sdlg x Cretaceous Crunch] x Mildred Mitchell) BIRD TALK is a...

(Again 2008) Single Fan

BITTEN AGIN Daylily (Again 2008) Tet (Nancy's Quilt x Toothy Seedling), 6 x 28, 4 way branching, rebloom, rose, burgundy wtih lavender blue eye and toothy...

Black Fathom Depths
(Salter E. 2007) Double Fan

Black Fathom Depths Daylily (Salter E. 2007) Tet. Daylily ((Wizards Heir x (Tet. Dragon Dreams x Ed Brown)) x (Her Majesties Wizard x (Tet Dragon Dreams x...

(Stamile,G. 2005) Double Fan

BLINK OF AN EYE Daylily (Stamile,G. 2005) diploid Daylily. D20230-B (D20-34 X Blue Alert) 15” ERe. fr. SEv. 2½”. 7-8 way branching. 40+ buds. What a little...

(Stamile, G. 2002) Double Fan

BLUE ALERT Daylily (Stamile, G. 2002) Diploid Daylily. D99-1B (Little Sensation x Sdlg.) 18” MRe. nofr. sev. 2 7/8”. 3-way branching. 15 buds. Grace has been...

(Stamile,P. 2009) Double Fan

BLUE BEAT Daylily (Stamile,P. 2009) TET Daylily 673 (Which Way X Cosmic Odyssey) 36” MRe. emo. vfr. Ev. 4.25” x 2.5” x 1.5”. 6-way branching (4 laterals plus...

(Stamile,P. 2009) Single Fan

BLUE ILLUSION Daylily (Stamile,P. 2009) TET Daylily 620-A {( sdlg. x Skinny Marink) X [Spinnaker x (Linguini x Tetra Desert Icicle)]} 45” ERE. emo. no fr....

(Stamile,P. 2008) Double Fan

BLUE LAKE Daylily  (Stamile,P. 2008) TET Daylily. 4172 (Larry Miller x Roses And Gold) 30” ERe. emo. fr. Ev. 6.5” x 4” x 2.5”. 4-way branching (2 laterals +...

Blue Me Away
(F Smith 2009) Single Fan

Blue Me Away Daylily (F Smith 2009) Daylily height 26", bloom 5.5", season EM, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, 28 buds, 5 branches, Cream...

(Stamile,P. 2008) Double Fan

BLUE MOUNTAINS Daylily (Stamile,P. 2008) TET Daylily 5202 [(Ageless Beauty x Zahadoom) X Bit Of Blue] 24” MRe. emo. Ev. 4.25” x 3” x 1.875”. 4-way branching...

(Stamile,P. 2008) Double Fan

BLUEBIRD BUTTERFLY Daylily (Stamile,P. 2008) TET Daylily. 4249-A (Fractal x Bit Of Blue) 28” MlRe. emo. Ev. 4” x 2.5” x 1.5”. 5-way branching. 35-40 buds....

(F. Smith 2005) Double Fan

BLUEGRASS MUSIC Daylily (F. Smith 2005) TET Daylily. (TET Lavender Blue Baby x (Hank Williams x Sunday Sandals)), semi evergreen. 4-1/2” flower, 4-way...

(Lambertson 2005) Double Fan

BLUETHROAT Daylily (Lambertson 2005) Tet Daylily. 6” Sev E Re 34” (Eyes A Blue Sdlg x Sdlg) BLUETHROAT is named for a very rare bird which breeds only in and...

(Carpenter 2008) Double Fan

BODACIOUS CHARMER Daylily (Carpenter 2008) TET Daylily - T-02-RE - (24-EMRe-6.5-Ev) - TEXAS BLUE EYES X ESSENCE OF ROYALTY - This cultivar makes a bold and...

Bold Tiger
(Stamile 1993) Double Fan

Bold Tiger Daylily (Stamile 1993) (HOT TOWN X TETRA SILOAM VIRGINIA HENSON) Description: Daylily Bold Tiger Stamile 1990. Bright orange blooms with a bold...

(Carpenter 2008) Double Fan

BOLERO EYES Daylily (Carpenter 2008) TET Daylily - T-03-NUM - (33-EMRe-6.5-EV) - UNENDING MELODY X TET BARBARA BARNETTE - This is a taller cultivar with...

(Corbett, J. 2007) Double Fan

BONNIE HOLLEY Daylily (Corbett, J. 2007) TET Daylily. T84-B (Ed Brown x America’s Most Wanted) 30” MLaRe. Fra. Ev. 6” 4 way branching 25-30 buds per scape. I...

(Carpenter 2008) Double Fan

BOOT SCOOTIN BEAUTY Daylily (Carpenter 2008) Carpenter-Glidden - TET Daylily. TXNAT - (20" Scapes-Blooms Early Re-Blooms Flower 6" Evergreen) SDLG....

(Stamile,P. 2007) Double Fan

BORN TO RUN Daylily (Stamile,P. 2007) TET Daylily. 4179-A (Coronal Light x Roses And Gold) 28” MRe. strongly diurnal. Ev. 6” x 3 5/8” x 2 ¼”. 5-way branching...

(Stamile,P. 2006) Double Fan

BOUNDLESS BEAUTY Daylily (Stamile,P. 2006) TET Daylily 22-B {[(Great White x Key Lime Ice) x JT Davis] X Amish Linen} 28” MRe. emo. Ev. 7 ½” x 4 ¼” x 2 ½”....

(F Smith 2008) Double Fan

BREATH OF FRESH AIR Daylily (F Smith 2008) TET Daylily (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis x Moment in the Sun) Semi-evergreen, 7” flower, 5-way branching, 36 buds...

(Petit 2009) Single Fan

BRING IT ON Daylily (Petit 2009) TET Dalily. (Jamming With Jane) x (Macho Macho Man x Moment In The Sun) Sev. 7.5 - 8" fl. 26" sc. M 20 buds. I...

(Stamile,G.2006) Double Fan

BROADWAY PHANTOM Daylilies (Stamile,G.2006) TET Daylily. T20215B [(T92-14 x Broadway Gypsy) X Broadway Opening] 17” EMRe. SEv. 2 7/8”. 3-way branching....

(Stamile,G. 2006) Double Fan

BROADWAY STARLET Daylily (Stamile,G. 2006) TET Daylily T2028 [(T95-3-B x Broadway Ingenue) X (T92-14 x Tetra Cosmopolitan)] 18” EMRe. SEv. 2 7/8”. 4-way...

(Stamile,G. 2002) Double Fan

BROADWAY STYLE Daylily (Stamile,G. 2002) TET Daylily T98-2A (Broadway Jewel x Broadway Pixie) 18” EMRe. nofr. sev. 2 7/8” 5-way branching. 30 buds. Grace has...

(Stamile,G. 2009) Single Fan

BROADWAY ELF (Stamile,G. 2009) TET Daylily. T647 {[(Broadway Miss x sdlg.) x Broadway Phantom] X (Broadway Attraction x Broadway Phantom)} 16” MRe....

(Stamile, G. 2008) Single Fan

BROADWAY EYES Daylily (Stamile, G. 2008) TET Daylily. T614A [(Sdlg. X Broadway Gypsy) X (Broadway Showgirl x Broadway Gem)] 15” Ere.SEv. 3 ½”. 3-4 way...

(Stamile,G. 2005)

BROADWAY GEM Daylily (Stamile,G. 2005) TET Daylily. T20233A [(Mister Lucky x Awesome Candy) X Broadway Dazzler] 16” EMRe. no. fr. SEv. 3 ½”. 28-30 buds. One...

(Stamile,G. 2002) Double Fan

BROADWAY GYPSY Daylily (Stamile,G. 2002) TET Daylily. T96-5 [(Tiger Kitten x Tetra Siloam Virginia Henson) X (Broadway Valentine x Bibbity Bobbity Boo)] 20”...

(Stamile,G. 2006) Double Fan

BROADWAY JAZZ Daylily (Stamile,G. 2006) TET Daylily. T1472 [(Awesome Candy x Panther Eyes) X Broadway Baby] 16” MRe. Ev. 3” 3-way branching. 20 buds....

Broadway Review
(G. Stamile 1999) Double Fan

Broadway Review Daylily (G. Stamile 1999) TET Daylily. [Tigerling X (Strawberry Candy x Broadway Baby)] Description: Broadway Review introduced by G....

(Stamile,G. 2009) Single Fan

BROADWAY SPOTLIGHT (Stamile,G. 2009) TET Daylily. T511A [(Broadway Doll x Broadway Dazzler) X (sdlg. T99-76A x Broadway Doll)] 16” MRe. no fr. SEv....

Brookie Bug
Peat 2009) Single Fan

Brookie Bug Daylily (Peat 2009) * ‘Brookie Bug’ TET Daylily. Dor., Fr., EM., Re., 35 in. sc.; 5 - 5.25 in. fl., 4 way branching with 35 buds. These wide...

(Frank Smith F2007) Double Fan

BUBBLING UP Daylily (Frank Smith F2007)  TET Daylily. (Crazy Ivan x Bluegrass Music) Semi-evergreen, 6” flower, 5-way branching, 32 buds on a 40” scape....

(J. Hall, 2008) Double Fan

BUDDY'S WILD AND WONDERFUL Daylily (J. Hall, 2008) TET Daylily.  (Wild and Wonderful × Wild Wookie.) 32", 7", EM, Rebloom, Evergreen, Tet, 18 buds,...

(Petit 2009) Singlle Fan

BULGARI Daylily (Petit 2009) TET Daylily. [As Time Goes By x (J. T. Davis x Tet. Siloam Ralph Henry)] Sev. 6.5" fl. 24" sc. M 20 buds. Bulgari is...

Bullfrog Kisses
(F Smith 2009) Single Fan

Bullfrog Kisses (F Smith 2009) Daylily height 34", bloom 6.5", season EM, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, 36 buds, 5 branches, White...

(Stamile,P.2008) Double Fan

BUTTERFLY COVE Daylily (Stamile,P.2008) TET Daylily. 5182-A (Precious Candy x Tetra Ben Lee) 25” EMRe. emo. nofr. Ev. 5.25” x 2.25́x 1.75”. 4-way...

(Stamile,P. 2001) Double Fan

BYRON Daylily (Stamile,P. 2001)  TET Daylily. 8117-C (Clovette Adams x Denali) 26” MRe. Ev. nofr. EMO. 5¼” x 2¾” x 1¾”. 4-5 way branching. 35 buds. 100%...

(Gossard, J 2008) Single Fan

CACTUS BLOSSOM Daylily (Gossard, J 2008) TET ( Strawberry Candy x Heavenly Beginnings) x (Born to Late x Crocodile Smile) 41" Late, Dormant emo fr 5...

(D. Trimmer 2008) Double Fan

CACTUS JACK Daylily (D. Trimmer 2008) Tetraploid (Gemini Jack x Tetra Making Double Time) 32” M. Ev. Re. 5 ½” This easily pod fertile, very consistent...

(Frank Smith F 2007) Double Fan

CAESAR’S HEAD Daylily (Frank Smith F 2007) Daylily TET (Prissy Girl x TET Mountain Almond) Semi-evergreen, 7” flower, 4-way branching, 30 buds on a 35”...

Call Me Carla
(Harry, 2009) Single Fan

Call Me Carla Daylily (Harry, 2009) TET ((Sundays Sandals X Crazy Ivan) X Linda’s Magic) Sev. 6” flowers, 28” scapes, 4 way branching with 45 buds. CALL ME...

(Petit 2009) Single Fan

 Daylily CAPTIVA ISLAND (Petit 2009) TET Daylily (Susan Pritchard-Petit x John Peat) x (Victoria’s Secret x Inner Space) Sev. 6" fl. 24" sc. M 20...

(Dan Trimmer 2007) Double Fan

CAROL TODD Daylily (Dan Trimmer 2007) Tetraploid Daylily. ((Border Music x Jane Trimmer) X Across the Universe) 30” EM. Re. 7” Ev. Carol is a girl of many...

(Petit 2009) Single Fan

CARVED COMPLEXITY Daylilies (Petit 2009)  [(Expensive Taste x (J.T. Davis x Tet. Siloam Ralph Henry)] x Darla Anita. Sev. 6.5 - 7" fl. 30" sc. M 20...

(D. Trimmer 2008) Double Fan

CELESTIAL EMPIRE  Daylily (D. Trimmer 2008) Tetraploid (Pure Indulgence x Tetra Grace Pierce) 30” EM Re. Ev. 6” This tall circular rose purple possess a...

(Stamile, P. 2007) Double Fan

CELESTIAL SHORE Daylily (Stamile, P. 2007) TET daylily 4196 [(Lavender Heartthrob x Bella Sera) X Roses And Gold] 30” EMRe. emo. Ev. 6” x 3 ¾” x 2 ¾”. 4-way...

(Stamile, P. 2008) Double Fan

CERISE BEAUTY Daylily (Stamile, P. 2008)  TET Daylily 462-A (Shores Of Time x Cerise Masterpiece) 32” EMRe. emo. fr. Ev. 6” x 4” x 2.5”. 5-way branching (2...

(Stamile, P 2005) Double Fan

*CERISE MASTERPIECE Daylily (Stamile, P 2005) TET 2334-A [(Chartered Course x Musical Medley) X Seize The Night] 38” EMRe. Ev. 7” x 3¾” x 2½”. 7-way...

(Petit 2009) Single Fan

CHAMPAGNE AND DIAMONDS Daylily (Petit 2009) TET Daylily (April LaQuinta x Lavender Infusion) x [(Fine French Porcelain x Lycean] Sev. 6.5 - 7" fl....

(Stamile,P. Fall2008) Single Fan

CHANG DYNASTY Daylily (Stamile,P. Fall2008) TET Daylily 464 (Mandarin Seas X Cerise Masterpiece) 30” MRe. Emo. Ev. 6 ¾” x 3 ½” x 2 ½”. 7-way branching (4...

(Salter 2006) Double Fan

 Daylily CHERISHED MEMORIES (Salter 2006) (Madagascar Moonlight x Duchess of Diamonds) 26”scapes. 5”flowers. Early midseason. Semi-evergreen. Recurrent. A...

Cherry Burst
(Dan Trimmer, 2004) Double Fan

 Daylily Cherry Burst (Dan Trimmer, 2004) Tetraploid (Gillian X Cherry Valentine) 28” EM, Re. Ev. Intense red eyes have been a pursuit of mine of quite a few...

(Stamile,P. 2009) Single Fan

 Daylily CHERRY SWIZZLER (Stamile,P. 2009) TET 641-B (Wild and Wonderful X Wild and Free) 42” EERe. emo. no fr. Ev. 12” x 1.375” x 1.125”. 16” wingspan. 5-way...

Cherry Valentine
(Dan Trimmer, 1999)

Daylily Cherry Valentine (Dan Trimmer, 1999) TET Daylily. ((Ruby Sentinel x Tetra Enchanting Blessing) x Tetra Dragon’s Eye) Tetraploid 28” Early, Evergreen,...

(Dan Trimmer 2007) Double Fan

Daylily CHINA CLIPPER (Dan Trimmer 2007) Tetraploid Daylily. (Wild Cherry Roundup x Doyle Pierce) 26” EM Re. Ev. 6 1/4” CHINA CLIPPER is a very clear violet...

Chorus Line
(Kirchhoff D 1981) Double Fan

Daylily Chorus Line (Kirchhoff D 1981) Chorus Line daylily introduced by D. Kirchhoff in 1981. 3½ inch blooms on 20 inch scapes. Medium pink blooms with rose...

(Stamile,P. Fall 2008) Double Fan

Daylily CHRISTOPHER MOODY (Stamile,P. Fall 2008) TET Daylily. 5231-F (Rock Solid X Tetra Peppermint Delight) 26” EMRe. Emo. Nofr. Ev. 7” x 3 ¼” x 2 ¼”....

(Salter 2005) Double Fan

Daylily CIMARRON ROSE (Salter 2005) (Royal Renaissance x (Sweet Blush x Berry Patch) 28”scapes. 7” flowers. Evergreen. Midseason. Recurrent. A vibrant flower...

(Frank Smith 2006) Double Fan

Daylily CIRCLE OF FIRE (Frank Smith 2006) TET Daylily (Belle Cook x Linda’s Magic), semi evergreen. 6” flower, 4-way branching. 28 buds on a 32” scape....

(Petit 2005) Double Fan

Daylily CIRCUS PERFORMER (Petit 2005) TET daylily (Gavin Petit x Tet. Dragon’s Eye) Sev. 6” fl. 28” sc. 20-25 buds. M. These flowers have the large size and...

CITRIX (Stamile,P. 2006) Double Fan

Daylily CITRIX (Stamile,P. 2006) TET Daylily. 1400-D (Orange Electric x Tropical Sensation) 25” ERe. emo. ext. fr. Ev. 5 ¾” x 3” x 2”. 5-way branching. 45...

(Frank Smith Fall2007) Double Fan

Daylily CITY OF NEW ORLEANS (Frank Smith F2007) TET Daylilies (seedling x American Freedom) Semi-evergreen, 6” flower, 4-way branching, 28 buds on a 34” scape....

Clean Slate
(Kaskel, 2002) Double Fan

Daylily Clean Slate (Kaskel, 2002) Height 24", Bloom 6.5", Season Mid, Rebloom, Evergreen, Tetraploid, 28 buds, 3 branches, Pale lilac self above...

(Stamile,P. 2008) Double Fan

Daylily CLEAR MOUNTAIN MORNING (Stamile,P. 2008) TET Daylily 470-G (Spring Chorus x Cerise Masterpiece) 29” EERe. emo. ext. Ev. 6.5” x 4.5” x 2.5”. 5-way...

(F Smith 2008) Double Fan

Daylily CLOUD BALLET (F Smith 2008) TET Daylily (Moment in the Sun x Winter Springs) Semi-evergreen, 6.5” flower, 6-way branching, 30 buds on a 30” scape....

(Stamile,P.,1999) Double Fan

Daylily COBALT DAWN (Stamile,P.,1999) TET Daylily T-5244-D [Awakening Dream X (Cherry Berry x Royal Braid)] 28” EMRe. Ev. fr. EMO. 5” 4 - 5 way branching. 25...

(Fleming, 2009) Single Fan

Daylily COLORS OF THE DRAGON (Fleming, 2009) Daylily TET (J.T. Davis x Eyes of Comfort) 26", 5", Ev, Re, M Light pink blush on the petals with...

Continental Holiday
(Salter, 2002) Double Fan

Daylily Continental Holiday (Salter, 2002) Daylily TET Scape height 28 inches, bloom size 6 inches, bloom season Early-Midseason, Rebloom ploidy Tetraploid,...

Cool Blue (Petit 2008) Single Fan

Daylily Cool Blue (Petit 2008) TET Daylily (Violet Reflections x Tet. Blue Moon Rising) Sev. 4.5" fl. 26" sc. M 20 buds. Ah, yes, the eternal quest...

Coronal Light
(P. Stamile 2005) Double Fan

Daylily Coronal Light (P. Stamile 2005) Daylily [Rose Fireglow X ( Treasure Of Love x Chartered Course)] Description: Coronal Light introduced by P. Stamile...

(Petit 2009) Single Fan

Daylily CORONATION DREAM (Petit 2009) TET Daylily. [Gary Colby x Denali] Sev. 6.5 - 7" fl. 27" sc. M 20 buds. Coronation Dream is by far the most...

Coronation Tapestry
(Petit Fall 2008) Single Fan

Daylily Coronation Tapestry (Petit Fall 2008) TET Daylily. [Moment in the Sun x Darla Anita)] x (F2) Sev. 7-7.5” fl. 34” sc. M 20 buds. I wanted to combine...

(Stamile, P. 2001) Double Fan

Daylily CORTINA (Stamile, P. 2001) TET Daylily 816-B (Victorian Lace X Key Lime Ice) 23” EMRe. fr. emo. Ev. 6” x 3 ½” x 2”. 3 way branching. 18-24 buds. This...

(Stamile,P. 2008) Double Fan

Daylily COSENZA (Stamile,P. 2008) TET Daylily 4286-A (Shores Of Time x George Washington) 28” EMRe. emo. Ev. 6” x 3.5” x 2.5”. 4-way branching (2 laterals +...

(Stamile,P. 2008) Double Fan

Daylily COSMIC ODYSSEY (Stamile,P. 2008) TET Daylily 5201-A (Precious Candy x Bit Of Blue) 38” EMRe. emo. Ev. 5” x 2.25” x 1.5”. 5-way branching (2 laterals...

(Dan Trimmer 2008) Double Fan

Daylily COSMIC TRAVELER (D. Trimmer 2008) Tetraploid (Wild Cherry Roundup x Doyle Pierce) 25” EM Re. Ev. 5 ¼” It was only when I lined out to introduce that...

Country Cool
(Klehm, 2009) Single Fan

Daylily Country Cool (Klehm, 2009) Daylily Height 32", bloom 5.75", season M, Rebloom, Dormant, Tetraploid, Fragrant, Yellow peach pink blend above...

Cowboy Scarf
(Goldner-Rinke, 2008) Single Fan

Daylily Cowboy Scarf (Goldner-Rinke, 2008) Daylily. height 34", bloom 7", season M, Dormant, Diploid, 18 buds, 4 branches, UFo Crispate , Reddish...

(Smith 2005) Double Fan

Daylily CRAZY IVAN (Smith 2005) TET Daylily (Jane Trimmer x Hank Williams), semi evergreen. 6” flower, 3-way branching. 25 buds on a 35” scape. CRAZY IVAN is...

Creative Edge
(Stamile 1993) Double Fan

Daylily Creative Edge (Stamile 1993) Description: Daylily  6 inch blooms. Lavender with purple ruffled edge blooms Repeat Bloomer Fragrant . Honorable...

(Dan Trimmer 2008) Double Fan

Daylily CREOLE MOON (D. Trimmer 2008) Tetraploid Daylily (Wild Cherry Roundup x Kaskel Sdlg. “Best Edge”) 30” EM Re. Ev 5 ¾” These washed rose pink blooms...

(Stamile,P. 2008) Double Fan

Daylily CRIMSON EDGINGS (Stamile,P. 2008) TET Daylily. 4262-B [(Pink Intrigue x Tetra Beautiful Edgings) X Tetra Forsyth Flaming Snow] 33” MRe. emo. Ev. 6” x...

(J Gossard 2008) Double Fan

Daylily CRIMSON NINJA (J Gossard 2008) TET Daylily ( tetra Holly Dancer x tetra Fly Catcher) 30" MLa Dormant emo fr 8" 4 way branching 20 buds....

Cristofori's Encore
(Petit Fall 2008) Single Fan

Daylily Cristofori's Encore (Petit Fall 2008) TET Daylily - (Alexa Katherine x Collective Spirit) Sev. 6.5” fl. 26” sc. M 15-20 buds. I love purple flowers,...

(Lambertson 2006) Double Fan

Daylily CROSSFIRE HURRICANE (Lambertson 2006) Daylily Tet 7” Sev E Re 33” (Eight Miles High x Sdlg) After last year’s hurricanes, I kept thinking of the line...

Curtis Montgomery
(Morss 2007) Double Fan

Daylily Curtis Montgomery (Morss 2007) TET Daylily 30” M Re Ex Ev 6”. This is a coral, cedar rose and ivory brushed pastel orchid bitone, with a lavender...

(Stamile,G. 2000) Double Fan

CUTE AS A BUTTON Daylily (Stamile,G. 2000) Diploid Daylily D97-10B [Little Wild Flower X (Bubbly x You Angel You)] 12-15” EMRe. SEV. no fr. 1 ¾”. 3 way... Daylilies.
Absolute Treasure Absolute Treasure introduced by Stamile in 1998. 6 inch blooms on 32 inch scapes. The flower is a very pure lilac and orchid. When you are looking at Absolute Treasure being such a round and symmetrical form you think you are looking at a 4 or 5 inch flower instead of a 7 inch flower. Repeat Bloomer. Blooms Early Mid Season. Extended Blooms. Fragrant. Tetraploid. Evergreen. Honorable Mention 2001.  Click Here for information.

Admiral's Braid Admiral's Braid introduced by Stamile in 1990. 5½ inch blooms on 21 inches scapes. White daylily with pale gold edge and center. Gold edge is heavily ruffled and it puts a nice edge on the daylilies. Recurrent bloomer. Fragrant. Evergreen. Mid season. Tetraploid. Awards: Junior Citation winner 1990. Honorable Mention 1996. Award of Merit 1999.  To Order: Click Here

All About Eve All About Eve introduced by David Kirchhoff in 2000. An exquisite peach pink double, splashed rose watermark halo. Peony style doubling. Well branched scapes (stems). Fertile. Very hardy. 100% Double. Recurrent bloomer. Very fragrant.  Honorable Mention. Ploidy: Diploid. Foliage Habit: Evergreen. Flower Size: 5". Height: 26". Blooms Early Mid season. Repeat Bloomer.  To Order: Click Here

All Fired Up All Fired Up introduced by Stamile in 1997. 6 inch blooms on 20 inch scapes. Bright orange blooms with a large red eye and red edge. Repeat Bloomer. Early Season. Fragrant. Tetraploid. Evergreen. Honorable Mention 2002. Award of Merit 2005.  To Order: Click Here

Alpine Snow Alpine Snow Stamile 1994. 5½ inch blooms on 20 inch scapes. Near White ruffled blooms, green throat with the sepals and petals the same. Repeat Bloomer Blooms Mid Season. Fragrant. Tetraploid. Dormant. Honorable Mention 1999.  To Order: Click Here

Alternate Universe  Alternate Universe introduced by P. Stamile in 2005. 6 inch blooms on 28 inch scapes. 6-way branching. 35-40 buds. 99% double. 20% polytepal." In a sense all polytepal doubles exist in an alternate universe to the world occupied by most daylilies. Daylilies like this  are so unique they should have a classification all to themselves. Here the doubling is all hose in hose type. It is both the consistency of the doubling and the well formed flowers that are remarkable. A wonderful show flower with intriguing possibilities for the hybridizer." Fertile both ways. Blooms Early Mid Season. Reblooms. Very Fragrant,  Early Morning Opener. Foliage Evergreen.  To Order: Click Here

Always Afternoon Always Afternoon daylilies introduced by Morss in 1987. 5½ inch blooms on 22 inch scapes. Rich lavender-mauve full petaled blooms with ruffled edges and metallic edge ringing the petals on the later blooms. Eye zone is deep purple, throat is green. Scapes are well branched. A strong rebloomer. Semi evergreen. Early season. Tetraploid daylily. Awards: Junior Citation 1888. Honorable Mention 92, Don C. Stevens Award 1993, Award of Merit 1994, Stout Silver Medal 1997. Top daylily award winner.  To Order: Click Here

Angelic Song Angelic Song Stamile 2002. 7½ inch blooms on 25 inch scapes. If you like big true clear pink double blooms on a large plant you will like angelic song. Repeat Bloomer. Blooms Mid Late Season. Fragrant. Extended blooms. Tetraploid. Evergreen.  To Order: Click Here

Arctic Lace Arctic Lace introduced by Pat Stamile in Fall of 2005. 5½" x 3¾" x 2½" inch blooms on 26" inch scapes. ARCTIC LACE is a beautiful cream white with a lacy golden yellow edge. The flowers not only demonstrate fimbriated ruffling but also serration and fringing suggestive of fine lace. A gorgeous flower and well admired in the garden. For folks living in areas which experience cool mornings ARCTIC LACE will open perfectly flat with mornings down to 48?F. A beacon of white in the garden. Fertile both ways. Blooms Early Mid season. Reblooms. Evergreen. Early morning opener. Fragrant. Diamond dusted. 6 - way branching. 40–45 buds. Tetraploid. To Order: Click Here

Arctic Snow Arctic Snow introduced by Stamile in 1985. 5½ inch blooms on 23 inch scapes. Ivory Self. Blooms Mid Season. Extended blooms. Tetraploid. Dormant. To Order: Click Here

Autumn Wood Autumn Wood introduced by H. Daugherty in 1991.  5½ inch blooms on 24 inch scapes. Blooms Mid season. Diploid Dormant Extended Blooms. A peach cream polychrome. President's Cup 1995. Honorable Mention 1998. Award of Merit 2001. To Order: Click Here

Awesome Luck Awesome Luck introduced by P. Stamile in 2006. 5 inch double blooms. 35 buds on 30 inch scapes with 4-way branching. What a neat flower this is. Imagine a fiery orange like PRIMAL SCREAM but edged in red ruffles and ruffled red edged petaloids. Set the entire flower on tall well branched scapes and you have one screaming orange double. This is not the subtle orange of a RUBY RIGSBY but rather closer to a blend of ORANGE ELECTRIC and PRIMAL SCREAM. Just a wonderful double with one of the most unusual pedigrees in the world of doubles. Fertile both ways. 95% double. Evergreen. Early morning opener. Tetraploid.  Reblooms. Blooms Early Mid Season. To Order: Click Here

Baby Fresh  Baby Fresh introduced by Joiner in 1991. 3½ inch blooms on 16 inch scapes. Fragrant Peach blooms with ruffled edge. Petals and petaloids the same. Nocturnal bloomer or the blooms open in the evening. Tetraploid. Evergreen. Repeat Bloomer. Early Mid Season. To Order: Click Here

Barbara Mitchell Barbara Mitchell introduced by Pierce in 1984. 6½ inch blooms on 20 inch scapes. Brilliant breathtaking round ruffled pink full petaled blooms with a narrow green throat. Flowers early mid season. Good repeat bloomer. Semi-Evergreen. Awards: Honorable Mention 1987, Award of Merit 1990, and the Stout Silver Medal winner 1992.  To Order: Click Here

Beautiful Edgings  Beautiful Edgings introduced by Copenhaver in 1989. 7 inch blooms on 30 inch scapes. Cream with rose red edge. Repeat bloomer. Blooms Mid season. Semi-evergreen. Diploid. Fragrant. Honorable Mention 1999 Award of Merit 2002 President's Cup 2002. Lenington Award 2006.  To Order: Click Here

Bermuda Bay Display Bermuda Bay introduced by Salter in 1994. 6 inch blooms on 26 inch scapes. A coral rose with a very ruffled edge of ivory cream and gold. The edge is showy, large and contrasts well with the flower color. Form is full, overlapped and round. Substance is heavy and holds well in full sun. Well branched. Dormant. Blooms Mid Season. Tetraploid. To Order: Click Here

Betty Warren Woods Betty Warren Woods introduced by R.W. Munson in 1987. 4½ inch blooms on 24 inch scapes. Cream yellow shaded in lemon yellow with a gold ruffled edge. Great parent. Well branched. Early mid season. Good repeat bloomer. Fragrant. Evergreen. Tetraploid. Top vote getter by large majority for Honorable Mention in 97.To Order: Click Here

Betty Woods Betty Woods introduced by Kirchhoff in 1980. 5½ inch Double blooms on 26 inch scapes. Betty Woods 5½ inch Double Blooms Chinese yellow self with green heart. Early Bloomer. Diploid. To Order: Click Here

Big Kiss Big Kiss introduced by E. R. Joiner in 1991. Light peach double with a light rose eye. Dormant. Diploid. Fragrant. 5½ inch blooms on 28 inch scapes. Repeat bloomer. Mid season bloomer. Honorable Mention 2002. Award of Merit 2005. To Order: Click Here

Bill Norris Bill Norris introduced by Kirchhoff in 1994. 29 inch scapes Mid season good rebloom. Tetraploid. This is a very nice 5 inch glistening yellow with a flat round ruffled bloom. Fragrant. Sunfast hardy well branched fertile and good parent. Extended blooms semi evergreen. Junior Citation 1993. President's Cup '97. Honorable Mention 1997. Award of Merit 2000. Stout Silver Medal Winner for 2002. A top 10 daylily by the American Hemerocallis Society poll. To Order: Click Here

Black Spot Black Spot introduced by Carter in 1993. 3 inch blooms on 27 inch scapes. Blooms are near black with a green throat. One of the darkest daylilies we grow. Mid Season. Tetraploid. Semi evergreen.  To Order: Click Here

Blink Of An Eye Blink Of An Eye introduced by G. Stamile in 2005. 2½ inch blooms on 15 inch scapes with 7 to 8 way branching 40 plus buds. This pretty cream with a lavender-gray-purple eye edged in fuchsia has a "Queen of the show" scape. Capturing the blue of BLUE ALERT but in true miniature. A charmer! Fertile both ways Diploid. Semi-evergreen. Early Bloomer. Fragrant. To Order: Click Here

Blue Alert Blue Alert introduced by G. Stamile in 2002. 2 7/8" inch blooms on 18 inch scapes with 3 way branching. 15 buds. "Grace has been working on her blue eyes and white faces for several years now and she has been quite successful in creating a line with a wonderful lavender blue cast.  Blue Alert is one of these with an overall cream color and triangular violet blue eye. As is usual, her conscientious devotion to a complete plant in complete proportion is the case with this little charmer."  Blooms Mid Season. Diploid.  Reblooms. Semi-evergreen. Easily fertile both ways. To Order: Click Here

Bold Tiger Daylily Bold Tiger introduced by Stamile in 1990. 4½ inch blooms on 28 inch scapes. Bright orange blooms with a bold red eye. Blooms Mid Season. Fragrant. Tetraploid. Dormant. 1 Double fan plant $8.00 / 3 or more Double fan plants $7.00 each. Order Now!

Broadway Gem Broadway Gem introduced by G. Stamile in 2005. 3½ inch blooms on 16  inch scapes. 28 to 30 buds. "One of my personal favorites of Grace’s tetraploids. While the flower is larger than most of Grace’s diploids the scape and plant habit are perfect for this beautiful little dwarf. Great color in this little melon pink with a bright ruby red eye and edge adds to its charm. You have to see this one! Should be hardy everywhere." Fragrant. Semi-evergreen. Blooms Early Mid season. Reblooms. Fertile both ways. Tetraploid. To Order: Click Here

Broadway Gypsy  Broadway Gypsy Stamile 2002. 2 7/8 inch ruffled blooms on 20 inch scapes. Bright red orange with a red eye zone above a green throat is a beautiful overlap form. Repeat Bloomer Blooms Mid Season. Fragrant. Tetraploid. Semi evergreen. To Order: Click Here

Broadway Jazz Broadway Jazz introduced by G. Stamile in 2006. 3 inch blooms with 20 buds on 16 inch scapes. 3-way branching. "You have to see this one to appreciate it. The image will make you think just another yellow with a red eye and edge but what makes this flower special is that it is a part of a remarkable package. Flower, scape, foliage are all in perfect proportion and are truly miniaturized versions of a large flower. I particularly like the arching foliage and the way it sets off scapes and the bright golden yellow flowers. A true little treasure. Get this one. It is a beauty." Fertile both ways. Evergreen. Blooms Mid season. Tetraploid. To Order: Click Here

Broadway Phantom Broadway Phantom introduced by G. Stamile in 2006.  2 7/8 inch purple blooms three way branching on 17 inch scapes. 20-22 buds. "Every time Grace shows an image of this flower there is an audible "oooh". This perfectly circular velvety purple with its very black eye and triangular green throat is just stunning. Very sunfast and long blooming, this charmer is a unique addition to the miniature class." Pod fertile only. Blooms Early Mid season. Reblooms. Semi-evergreen daylillies. Tetraploid. To Order: Click Here

Broadway Review Broadway Review introduced by G. Stamile in 1999. 3 inch blooms on 18 inch scapes with 22-24 buds. "A personal favorite of mine, BROADWAY REVIEW is outstanding. Imagine a light cream apricot with a bright bold red eye and red picotee and you have BROADWAY REVIEW. BROADWAY REVIEW marks the first colored edge tetraploid in a 3" class - a milestone. Blooms have excellent substance and open flat. Plant habit is excellent with the 22-24 bright blooms displayed above narrow deep forest green foliage. A gorgeous daylily. Fertile both ways. Blooms Early Mid season. Reblooms Dormant Tetraploid.  To Order: Click Here

Broadway Starfish Broadway Starfish introduced by G. Stamile in 2005. 3½" inch blooms on 16 inch scapes 4-way branching. 36 buds. 'Whoa! The visitors are crazy about this little starfish shaped flower. The color is great with good clarity and contrast between the cream base and red eye but it is the form on this little one that captures everyone’s heart. The foliage on BROADWAY STARFISH sweeps gracefully at the base of the scape." Blooms Early Mid season. Reblooms.  Fertile both ways Tetraploid. To Order: Click Here

Broadway Starlet Broadway Starlet introduced by G. Stamile in 2006. 2 7/8 inch blooms on 18 inch scapes with 4-way branching. 24 buds. The first miniature introduction from Tetra Cosmopolitan, BROADWAY STARLET is a perfect little red tetraploid. The color is a medium red with a darker red eye and green throat. The edge is nicely ruffled and a hint of a darker edge is there, as well. A great little show flower, BROADWAY STARLET sets a new standard for miniature reds for both form and color. The miniatures now have the same "fanciness" that the larger flowers have enjoyed. A beauty. Fertile both ways. Semi-evergreen. Blooms Early Mid season.  To Order: Click Here

Broadway Style  Broadway Style introduced by G. Stamile in 2002. 2 7/8 inch blooms on 18 inch scapes. A nice purple with a dark ring in the eye and green throat. High bud count and 5 way branching. Repeat Bloomer. Blooms Early Mid Season. Tetraploid. Semi-evergreen.  To Order: Click Here

Brookwood Dorado Brookwood Dorado introduced by Sharp in 1994. 5½ inch blooms on 20 inch scapes. Shining gold self with green throat Repeat Bloomer Blooms Mid Late Season. Fragrant. Diploid. Dormant. To Order: Click Here

Byron  Byron introduced by Stamile in 2001. 5¼ inch blooms on 26 inch scapes. Orange mango blend with a olive green throat. Blooms are round and full with a delicate orange metallic edge. 4 to 5 way branching with 35 buds. A good parent for gold edge doubles. Repeat Bloomer Blooms Mid Season. Tetraploid. Evergreen. To Order: Click Here

Carolicolossal Carolicolossal introduced by L. K. Powell in 1968. 10 inch blooms on 32 inch scapes. Dormant. Blooms Early. Reblooms. Fragrant. Nocturnal. Extended blooms. Spider. Deep Yellow Self. Diploid. Honorable Mention 2002. To Order: Click Here

Catherine Woodbery Catherine Woodbery introduced by Childs in 1967. 6 inch blooms on 30 inch scapes. Fragrant pale lavender pink blooms with a chartreuse throat. Mid late season bloomer. Extended blooms. Dormant. Junior Citation 1967. Honorable Mention 1970. Award of Merit 1973. To Order: Click Here

Chance Encounter Chance Encounter introduced by Stamile in 1994. 6 inch blooms on 25 inch scapes. Rose with a gold edge. Repeat Bloomer. Blooms Early Mid season. Extended blooms. Fragrant. Tetraploid. Dormant. To Order: Click Here

Charles Johnson Charles Johnson introduced by Gates in 1981. Has a large number of 6 inch very cherry red wide, flat and ruffled blooms per 24 inch scape. We counted over 50 buds on one scape. This is a fabulous daylily for us as it re-blooms to. You get a lot of large flowers on this daylily for a long season of bloom. Tetraploid. Honorable Mention 1985. Award of Merit 1988. President's Cup 1985. To Order: Click Here

Cherry Candy Cherry Candy introduced by P. Stamile in 1989. 4¼ inch blooms on 30 inch scapes. Cream with peach and a cherry red eye. Great rebloom late in season. Dormant Blooms Mid season. Fragrant. Extended blooms. Tetraploid. Honorable Mention 1995. To Order: Click Here

Cherry Valentine Cherry Valentine introduced by Dan Trimmer in 1999. 4½  inch blooms on 28 inch scapes.  The clean pink petal color frames the intense dark red eye and bubble red edge of these 4½"blooms. Typical bud count is 25-28 and every bloom from the first until the last is virtually perfect. The tall erect scapes have deep well spaced branches, and in shade almost every bloom will set a pod. The plants are large with dark green foliage. Produces very nice offspring. good breeder.  Blooms Early. Evergreen. Reblooms Tetraploid. Honorable Mention 2004. To Order: Click Here

Child Within Child Within introduced by G. Stamile in 2005. 2¾ inch blooms on 17 inch scapes. 34-36 buds. Double 90% "Right up front of Grace’s miracle mile is CHILD WITHIN. This beautiful cream double with a bold burgundy eye has been long awaited by admirers in the garden. Grace lists it as 90% double but I can’t recall ever seeing it as a single, although if it did bloom single it would be a stunning flower, too. Simply beautiful." Blooms Early Mid season. Dormant. Early morning opener.  Fertile both ways. Diploid. To Order: Click Here

Chorus Line  Daylily Chorus Line introduced by D. Kirchhoff in 1981. 3½ inch blooms on 20 inch scapes. Medium pink blooms with rose band and yellow hallow. Early bloomer. Reblooms. Six weeks of bloom. Afternoon shade really brings out the color. Diploid dayllies. Evergreen. Awards: Annie T. Giles Award 1986, Award of Merit 1988, LEP 1988, Lenington All American Award 1994, given for best performance in all AHS regions. To Order: Click Here

Clothed In Glory Clothed In Glory introduced by Grace in 1996.  7 inch blooms on 18 inch scapes. Large, deep lavender mauve flowers, with darker eye and prominent yellow gold throat. Ruffled gold edges. Mid-Season, Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant. Junior Citation 1997. Honorable Mention 2001. Award of Merit 2004. Blooms Mid season. Reblooms. To Order: Click Here

Cobalt Dawn Daylily Cobalt Dawn daylilies introduced by Stamile in 1999. Fragrant and wonderful cream yellow color and a deep cobalt violet eye and edge. As the season progresses and especially on re-bloom Cobalt Dawn's base color approaches cream white while the edging becomes knobby and deep violet giving it an almost black and white look beautiful color, outstanding plant habit and high but count and branching. 4½ inch blooms 22 inches tall. Early Mid Season. Tetraploid. Honorable Mention 2003. To Order: Click Here

Condilla Condilla introduced by Grooms in 1977. 4½ inch double blooms on 20 inch scapes. Vibrant double gold self. Blooms shine your garden. Performs well in all parts of the country. Honorable Mention 1982. Ida Munson Award for the best Double 1984. Award of Merit in 1985. Lenington Award for performance around the country 1991. Georgia Doubles Award 2006. Blooms early mid season. Diploid. Dormant. To Order: Click Here

Coronal Light Coronal Light introduced by P. Stamile in 2005.  5 ½" x 3 ¼" 2 ¼" blooms on  25" scapes. 4-way branching. 28 buds. Color! Color! Color! This clear rose red is a beacon in the early season bringing great color and flat form to the garden during the cooler season. Early blooms are a clear rose red with a well-defined white edge. As the season progresses the blooms develop gold edge that is much more pronounced. Besides color, CORONAL LIGHT blooms are exceptionally well-formed with over square petals and wide blunt sepals. Excellent substance, beautiful ruffling and a grass green throat are noteworthy on this gorgeous flower. Fertile both ways. Blooms Early Mid season. Evergreen. Reblooms. Early morning opener. To Order: Click Here

Creative Edge Creative Edge introduced by Stamile in 1993. 6 inch blooms on 23 inch scapes. Lavender with purple ruffled edge. Repeat Bloomer. Blooms Mid season. Fragrant. Tetraploid. Semi-evergreen. Honorable Mention 1998. Award of Merit 2001. To Order: Click Here

Custard Candy Custard Candy introduced by Stamile in 1989. 4¼ inch Cream blooms with maroon eye zone and green throat on 24" scapes. Blooms Early Mid season. Honorable Mention 1993. Award of Merit 1996. Annie T. Giles Award 1996 for best small flower. Stout Silver Medal Winner for 1999. Dormant. Tetraploid. To Order: Click Here

Cute As A Button Cute As A Button introduced by G. Stamile in 2001. 1¾ inch blooms on 12 to 15 inch scapes with 30 buds. One of the smallest doubles ever a pale cream. "Cute as a button got its name from the comments that most visitors made when they saw it." Repeat Bloomer. Blooms early mid season. Diploid. Semi evergreen. Honorable Mention 2006. To Order: Click Here

Cute As Can Be Cute As Can Be introduced by Stamile in 2002. 2 inch blooms on 12 inch scapes. A beautiful double rose red double. Repeat Bloomer. Blooms Early mid Season. Diploid. Semi-evergreen. To Order: Click Here

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